War Park produces perfect 1/30 scale military miniatures that serves the ever demanding needs of collectors worldwide. War Park is dedicated to providing military models that are accurate and true to history, made exquisitely by craftsmen and artists at our studio factory. War Park aspires to recreate the war scene with as much realism as possible and reenact the action that took place in history once more, promoting the study of military history through model art. The goal of War Park is to fulfill and delight the earnest wish and enthusiasm of military model collectors through our impeccable attention to fine details and excellent quality and offered at a good value.





Orders over $600 will qualify for free shipping worldwide.Orders less than $600 will charge $60 for freight. The package will arrive within 7~10 days.


Each item has a limited production run of 100 pcs worldwide to maintain its exquisite value and collectability.


For customers who buy War Park products for a long time,War Park will regularly presents gifts and coupons to them.